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Submitted or in Preparation

Saussay A. Can the US shale revolution be duplicated in continental Europe?, submitted

Working papers

Saussay A (2015). Can the U.S. shale revolution be duplicated in Europe?, French Economic Observatory, Sciences Po

Conference papers

Saussay A, Xavier Timbeau (2015). Heterogeneity in price elasticity of household gasoline demand, 38th IAEE Conference
Presentation Extended Abstract

Saussay A (2014). Can the U.S. shale revolution be duplicated in Europe?, 37th IAEE Conference
Presentation Paper

Saheb Y, Saussay A, Johnson C and Rozite V (2013). Renovation of the EU buildings stock: an opportunity for the EU gas dependency, IEPEC Conference
Presentation Paper

Zhitenko T, Saheb Y, Levina E and Saussay A (2013). How to make efficient buildings a reality in Russia?, ECEEE Conference (2013)
Presentation Paper

Saussay A, Saheb Y and Quirion P (2012). The Impact of Building Energy Codes on the Energy Efficiency of Residential Space Heating in European countries – A Stochastic Frontier Approach, IEPEC Conference
Presentation Paper

Other publications

Saussay A, Demailly D and Timbeau X (2014). Green the Union: an Investment Strategy towards a Sustainable EU, Independent Annual Growth Survey (iAGS), French Economic Observatory

Saheb Y and Saussay A (2013). Modernising Building Energy Codes to Secure our Global Energy Future, International Energy Agency

Pasquier S and Saussay A (2011). Progress Implementing the IEA 25 Energy Efficiency Recommendations, International Energy Agency

Heffner G, Jollands N, Pasquier S and Saussay A (2010). Energy Efficiency Governance, International Energy Agency

Jollands N, Pasquier S and Saussay A (2009). Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies: Are IEA Member Countries on Track?, International Energy Agency

Publications in French

Ducoudré B, Saussay A, Péléraux H, Antonin C and Rifflart C (2015). Pétrole, du carbone pour la croissance, Revue de l’OFCE

Saussay A, Guillou A and Boissel C (2015). Baisse des prix du pétrole : aubaine économique, défi écologique, Terra Nova

Landa G, Malliet P and Saussay A (2015). Contribution climat-énergie : quels enjeux pour l’économie française ?, L’économie française 2016 (La Découverte)

Landa G, Malliet P and Saussay A (2014). Les impacts macroéconomiques de la transition énergétique, L’économie française 2015 (La Découverte)