French Economic Observatory / CIRED


Department of Analysis and Forecast
French Economic Observatory / Sciences Po Paris

I am an economist at the French Economic Observatory (Sciences Po Paris) and a PhD candidate in energy economics at CIRED (CNRS, EHESS, ENPC, AgroParitech, CIRAD). My PhD advisor is Philippe Quirion.


My main research interests are environmental and resource economics and macroeconomics. My PhD research focuses on the economics of unconventional fossil fuels and their interaction with the transition to a carbon-free economy.

At the French Economic Observatory, I am one of the main developers of the ThreeME macroeconomic model, along with Frédéric Reynès, Gaël Callonnec, Gissela Landa and Paul Malliet. ThreeME is a neo-keynesian multi-sector macroeconomic model with a particular emphasis on modelling the energy sector. It is especially well suited to model energy transition scenarios. To this date, versions of ThreeME have been developed for France, Mexico and Indonesia. A hybrid variant also exists for France, with an explicit representation of the residential and personal vehicles stocks and their retrofit dynamics.

ThreeME will be released as open source software under GPLv3 in 2016.

I contribute to the French think tank Terra Nova. I recently coauthored a note on the impact of the drop in oil prices on the French economy and the challenge it poses to the energy transition.

I blog (admittedly irregularly) on the French Economic Observatory blog. You can read my latest post, on the negociation process at COP21, here.

You can also follow me on Twitter at @aureliensaussay. I tweet mostly on climate change and energy news.